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Rift Game 101: How to Play RIFT Planes of Telara: Videos, Tips, Rift Leveling & Free Rift Builds | Rift lvl 50 | How to Get to Level 50 Rift Go to Top

Move Over, WoW, A New Game is in Town!

Rift: Planes of Telara is quickly emerging as a challenger to the undisputed MMO leader World of Warcraft. Players will find themselves immersed in a dynamic world of unpredictable experiences right out of the gate. If you’ve ever played Wow or other any other MMO, you’re in for a real treat when you see the extraordinary level of customizable class systems. Designed to perform admirably on even the low-end desktop builds, you’ll quickly discover that the graphics are absolutely amazing!



Although you’ll probably recognize some classes that are familiar other gaming platforms, with Rift you’ll also have the flexibility to dream up new and exciting combinations that will only be limited by your imagination! Though the Rift experience has many complexities, don’t assume that it is designed to attract only the most experienced gamers. Rift is an excellent game for beginners too. Players at every skill level will derive great pleasure when they jump into a zone event, turning back the surge of rifts and fighting the colossal monsters that come from its depths! Advancing through the game is measured by “levels”, with the highest level being lvl 50. Leveling can take days or months, depending on game strategy and experience. Most newbies will benefit from a Rift leveling guide, the most popular ones being the he video-based Rift Supremacy guide and the Xerxes Guide.

The Rift crafting system is designed to compliment the progress of your characters throughout the game. You’ll gather materials during quests, rift events and invasions that you encounter in gameplay. You’ll then be able to use those materials in your crafting pursuits, augmenting their power using materials you’ve gathered from various planar encounters.

Rift is thoroughly enjoyable in solo play mode, but there are many exciting challenges for those who pursue group play. Rift has an open grouping system which makes an easy matter of setting up groups during large events, like a large zone invasion. By aligning yourself with other players, you’ll be able to go to advanced stages of play and earn better rewards. If you find any of these game enhancements the slightest bit thrilling, you should consider giving Rift a trial run. They’re currently offering a 7-day trial, so visit the Rift website to grab your free Rift demo today.